£14,000 … for a phone! (yikes)

Feast your eyes on the Vertu Ti – the first Android smartphone from British Based luxury mobile phone maker Vertu – it’ll set you back a whopping £6,500 …at least! The most expensive model is an eye watering £14,000

Each phone is hand made in Cookham, Hampshire and is signed by the clever clogs that made it, it also boasts a polished titanium case with a 3.7” screen that can only be scratched by diamonds.(ooh er missus!)
Believe it or not this is not Vertu’s most expensive phone, (they were previously owned by Nokia) but it is it’s most impressive and makers claim it is is the most powerful model yet. Although a 1.7GHz Snapdragon processor is a marked improvements on previous models, the use of Android 4 and an 8MP camera still won’t put it at the top of the Android range in terms of spec. The phone is powered by a dual-core 1.7 GHz processor and has 64MB of memory and a dedicated series of apps and back-up software.
With Thanks to Vertu


It will, of course, only be available through selected high end retailers

Whilst we love a sensational tech story here at BD Towers the words – ‘more money than sense’ have never rung more true!

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