‘App’y Bank holiday Monday! – you will park your car!

Ok it’s Bank holiday and the sun is shining, you’re off work and what to do? Get in the car and head for the seaside of course…along with a few other thousand people who all have the same idea and everyone is looking for somewhere to park. Well use your trump card and beat everyone to a space by downloading the super helpful AA Car parking app.
aa parking app image
It’s compatible with iphones (£1.99), Android (£1.50), Nokia (£1.50) and Windows phone (£1.99)
It covers all paid and free car parks in the UK and Ireland. You can filter free car parking, street parking through to secured parking and of course once you have chosen you will be directed right to the car park entrance through the phone’s GPS.
aa parking
You can find a car park close to your location or plan and search an area you are travelling to, (Yeah you’re saying your Sat Nav can do the same, but here’s the best bit) you can check updates of how many spaces are left on the car park and best of all the PRICE. No need to drive on a car park again and feel the sting in your wallet, as you’ll already be prepared and compared the cheapest car parks available.
What we love about this app is you can use it to direct you back to your space when you’ve gone and got yourself lost. No family arguments about where you parked the car, just more about who’s paying for Ice Creams.
What you waiting for? Jump in the car and drive to the beach babyyyy!

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