‘App’y Monday : Polamatic

Polamatic available on iTunes 69p

This cool app brings back the instant nostalgia of Polaroid pictures to your iPhone or iPod Touch. It is one of the more authentic-looking digital recreations of an old, square Polaroid SX-70 print. The app’s developer, Appadana, did an excellent job of including a dozen original frames in various states of wear. The frames look excellent, like they are photographs of Polaroid frames, not illustrated or photoshopped recreations. The frames are perfectly named with descriptions like New, Almost New, Crumpled, Tape, Wrinkled and others. Each frame is appropriately detailed with just the right amount of dirt and wear. The vignette at the edge of the frame is perfectly subtle but adds just the right amount of depth to the image. They got the look and shape of the frames right — important in a Polaroid app. The SX-70 frame and aspect ratio is so iconic, it’s trademarked.
Brand Detective polamatic

polamatic The Brand Detective

Polamatic also comes with 12 different retro film effects. Color and toal qualities of the effects are good and look like retro films. None of them are named for Polaroid films, although a few of the looks come close. Most of them are other classic analog retro styles, including a sepia, various LOMO-styled looks and a couple of monochromes.

Our favorite bit is the option to add text at the bottom, perfect for sharing fun and silly photos with your mates!

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