‘App’y Monday Snapchat- Now you see it, Now you don’t!

Snap Chat!…Now you see it, now you don’t


In true Inspector Gadget/James Bond stylee, in 1-10 seconds your picture message or video will self distruct! -But with less explosives (it’ll just do a vanishing act)
Have fun with your friends. Take a snap of yourself looking totally uncool or just sharing a silly moment that you don’t want them to use as ammo against you forever.
With snap chat, you simply download the App for free, give yourself a username and add your contacts through adding your mobile number. You can select to just receive messages from your mates and off you pop.

Take a pic or Vid, add a short message, select you mate and send. Snap Chat will notify you when they have opened it and when you receive messages.
You control the time of picture (up to 10 secs) by keeping your finger on the message. As soon as you let go,the pic disappears forever.

We’ve had so much fun with this app in the office, taking crazy, silly pics…but beware. It doesn’t take a techy to tell you, if your friend has an Iphone, its pretty simple to hold the pic and screen shot at the same time! You have been warned. Keep it clean and go have some fun and download Snap Chat.

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