Arriva Leo wireless bluetooth headphones review

Happy 2012 fellow gadget geeks – if like us here at Brand Detective towers one of your new year resolutions is to get fit then you’ve probably dipped your toe into the weird and wonderful world of headphones or ‘buds’ to help motivate your workouts with some uplifting music.

For us it’s been a fruitless search for a reasonably priced pair that are comfortable and won’t budge when your exercising – sounds like a simple ask but believe us it’s a hard to find a pair that tick all the boxes. So…… we were excited to be sent a pair of Arriva Leo wireless bluetooth headphones which are receiving great reviews – they’re designed for physical activity and are water and are sweat resistant to boot!

Retailing at £49.99 and available through  with free postage these aren’t too pricey for what they do  - they may at first sound a bit steep if you’re not a headphone connoisseur but for a decent wireless pair you can pay £100′s so trust us this isn’t a bad price point.

A few of us here are currently training for a marathon and so have already trialled many headphones wired and wireless and so far haven’t found any worth writing a review on – If they stay in your ear then they’ve been uncomfortable, had terrible sound quality or had bad design – and the majority haven’t stayed in our ears at all!

Hurrah – the Arriva headphones stayed put in our lug holes during our long runs AND were surprisingly comfy – they wrap around your head and are really easily adjusted to fit all head sizes – they can be worn with helmets, sunglasses, glasses, hats, visors and headbands too if your an extreme sports fan (see fit below)

The Arriva Leo’s can be paired with any Bluetooth enabled device including Smartphones, computers and tablets. The battery life isn’t bad at all either – in fact it beats the vast majority of it’s competitors – after a full charge we managed just over 5 continuous hours worth of music play and the light display on the back turns red to let you know it needs charging again.

What we particularly liked – or perhaps would go as far as say LOVED – on the Leo’s were the really easy to use controls on the back of the head, when we wanted to skip to the next track it was super easy to do – even in thick gloves. We paired our with our iphone 4s when pounding the streets and if you needed to take a call (though we’re not sure why you would whilst exercising) the music will cut out to allow you to take the call should you need to – or ignore if you have any sense :)

AND – as we’re easily won over by clever little details we loved the really portable little carry case that comes with it and the choice of earbuds  - it also comes with a plug point charger or can be charged through a USB cable

Overall, we were really, really impressed and tested it out on a few heads in the office to check that it wasn’t just a fluke that it fitted so snugly and stayed put and are pleased to report that it got the thumbs up all round – a very deserved 4.5 out of 5

The only improvement we could suggest is an option of colours …but we are being pedantic :)

Here’s a great video to show you them in action:


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