‘Bore Off’ Customised Merchandise

Stuck for an unusual gift idea, want to immortalise your favourite ‘Bore off’ ism? Then check out these ‘Bore Off’ Customised Merchandise now available at www.boreoff.com - You can have anything you like written on these quirky mugs, T-shirts, balls or stickers and we think they’re rather awesome!



We have become a nation of people who just LOVE to ‘Bore Off’.

Research announced today by www.boreoff.com revealed the top 5 ‘Bore Off’s. Leading the way is ‘Bore Off Monday’ at the number one spot, closely followed by ‘Bore Off Work’ and ‘Bore Off Rain’. The results come as new website www.boreoff.com is launched to give people a unique place they can ‘Bore Off’ together with other likeminded people and interact with ‘Bore Off’ banter.

Over the past decade it seems we have adopted ‘Bore Off’ as way to vent or insult without the need for a swear box! The phrase has really hit it off with the general public and recently come to the forefront in daily use, especially on Twitter where at least one person every minute now tweets the words ‘Bore Off’ to the cyber community.

‘Bore Off’ has also become one of the new buzzwords amongst celebrities. Cheryl Cole, Natasha Giggs, and Kerry Katona are just a few of those who have adopted the phrase as the latest way to get their feelings off their celebrity chests!

Last Friday night saw yet another ‘Bore Off’ moment, this time onscreen when Alan Carr told This Morning host Phillip Schofield to ‘Bore Off’ on his ‘Chatty Man’ show in front of a viewing audience of millions.

Today sees ‘Bore Off’ reach the next level as it launches its very own unique brand and ‘Bore Off’ website at www.boreoff.com.

The site will chart what people want to ‘Bore Off’ about, the current top 5 ‘Bore Off’s, celebrity ‘Bore Off’s, along with visitors being able to buy exclusive ‘Bore Off’ merchandise.


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  1. Great thnkiing! That really breaks the mold!

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