Calenmob: A Great calendar app for the new year

Since I updated my iphone to ios7 I’ve been quite vocal about my hatred of the updates to the calendar app … Checking entries is a pain and the available views are rubbish – even clicking on the magnifying glass to view the weeks tasks as a list is ugly and for me far less easy to see at a glance what I’ve booked in and notes for each day.

As this is how I plan and organise my business meetings, personal plans and freelance jobs these (frankly unnecessary) changes have meant serious frustrations for me and so I’ve scoured the internet for information on all other available iOS calendars to find one that suits me …
And I may have just found it! It not only syncs with your iOS calendar but also your google calendar so you can keep everything in one place … Hoorah! And it will even send you a text or email reminder :) the pro version with all the fab features below is £4.99 but if you use it as much as I do it’s money well spent



Google Calendar users with an iPad should check out the app of the week. CalenMob Pro has an uncluttered interface that syncs nicely with Google Calendar and makes it easy to keep up with multiple calendars.

In addition to syncing with Google Calendar when the app starts and events are changed, CalenMob Pro has an offline mode that works with Google Calendar without a web connection. Events can be changed and/or created offline and will automatically sync to Google Calendar when a connection is available. The app will also work with the iOS calendar.


CalenMob has all of the standard calendar views: day, week, month, year, and agenda. There is also a 4-day view which is particularly useful on the iPad and iPad mini.

Event entry is easy with the special entry controls in the app. It provides a simple tap interface for selecting the date and time for the appointment and as I mentioned above you have a choice of reminder options – I particularly love the option of SMS :)

If like me you’ve been annoyed by the changes to the iPhones native calendar app then give this a whirl

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