Corkcicle Wine Chiller

Snazzy Corkcicle Wine Chiller

Who’s impressed?…we are!!
If you’re a part time wine swilling drinker like us guys at The Brand Detective HQ, then I’m sure this little gadget will be just as fabtastic for you as it is for us.
Throw away that clunky ice bucket that drips everywhere and makes a mess of your work top and give a massive, warm welcome to the Corkicicle.

Coekcicle 1

Now this bad boy keeps white wine at the perfect temperature for over an hour and brings reds that are too warm down to the cellar temperature. Very Clever!
Open your wine, pour a 1/3 of a glass, (yes we think you’ll do just that and maybe have a cheeky drink at the same time) and then insert the Corkcicle and off to you pop… Cheers!


For best results you should aim to freeze at least 2 hours prior to popping it into your bottle of white vino..That’s if you can wait that long. If you can’t,then maybe you should try it in a bottle of red that is too warm to bring it down to cellar temperature.

You can pour your wine around the Corkcicle and don’t need to fully remove it from the bottle. Can be refrozen and used time and time again.

There’s two options, the Original Corkcicle that looks like..erm a cork, or Corkcicle Colour and these come in erm…an array of colours.


RRP £19.99
The product has been tested and is made from food grade BPA free plastic.

If it’s a night in you want with a bottle of plonk, or a day out. We say lose the bucket and buy a Corkcicle!

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