English Riots and how they’ve effected Retail businesses – Headlines

10.8.11 - Retail News – The aftermath of UK Riots

  • More than 10% of all retail businesses have been affected by riots that have plagued England this week and 65% of these are independents – that’s according to research carried out by retail analysts LDC

One such retailer is JD Sports Fashion who believe the financial impact for the chain is likely to be in excess of £10 million

  • Online retailers Ebay and Gumtree have vowed to assist police in identifying and removing any listings they feel may be linked to criminal activity after it was feared looters may try and profit from the chaos caused to our high streets.
  • Retail in motion, or Rim as it’s known – the company behind Blackberry also offered to assist police by providing copies of Blackberry messenger instant messages.

Blackberry accounts for almost a third of the market share amongst British teenagers and it’s believed many of the               riots were  organised via the BBM function as its popular way of exchanging free messages. This resulted in the official blackberry               blog being  hacked and threats of employees details being leaked to rioters.

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