“First ever Lifestyle Headphones with Dynamic GloSync™ Technology”

Kusky™ GloSync™ Headphones are designed to take you on the ultimate musical experience. With unique patented technology, these headphones are on the cutting-edge of excellence in industry standard. These features are only found in Kusky™ headphones. They are truly one of a kind headphones and a must have for any musical consumer, from the fans to the professionals.

These circumaural headphones are constructed with a patented electroluminescent glow 3.5mm cable. Besides having top notch designs and sound qualities, these GloSync™ headphones come with a unique 3.5mm EL glow cable which connects the headphone to audio devices and it will light up, glow, and blink in synchronization with the beats of the music being played. The control box is also equipped with a built in microphone and a smart button for voice commands.

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