GEAR4 launches revolutionary AirZone Series 1 speaker with AirPlay compatibility

GEAR4 launches revolutionary AirZone Series 1 speaker with AirPlay compatibility – and we think they are pretty damn cool!

We loved Gear4′s quirky Angry birds speakers and once again they’ve come up trumps with this bad boy that combines sleek looks, high tech – and more importantly for us consumers – a reasonable price tag!

Now, if you’re not familiar with Airplay, it’s Apple’s media streaming technology and essentially a way of streaming your music, video or photos wirelessly between your iPhone, iPad or ipod Touch and compatible devices. So simply connect AirZone to a Wi-Fi network and let the music play!

Bringing a new meaning to surround sound, the cutting edge technology in the AirZone Series 1 speakers allows you to stream a song from your Apple device to any number of AirPlay enabled speakers simultaneously. You can have your toe tapping in any number of rooms within your house – and providing the neighbours aren’t watching, throw some serious shapes too  :)

Officially launched at IFA 2011 in Berlin the AirZone Series 1 speakers have had rave reviews from Tech bods, gadget geeks and music lovers alike  - RRP: £199.99


We can’t wait to see what Gear4 will do next……

For more information please contact or 020 7234 9150

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