Gift ideas for the super hero in your life

For the Superhero in your life.

Has your other half ever fancied themselves as Batman, Superman,Iron Man or Wonder Woman for instance? Then this is a must have for your valentine. Order a fabtastic personalised 3D Superhero action figure from and let them live their childhood dream.

superhero action figure

All that’s required is a couple of pics of your lovers face from the front and side and a bit of DIY (leave this to them, they will love it!)

the pics are converted into a 3D file and printed. The head will have their eye colour, skin tone, hair style and hair colour.

Choose a 17cm high superhero, it will arrive with the original head attached and customised head plus epoxy putty and white tack and DIY instructions. The cool part is, the customised head can be attached permanently or with temporary fixatives so they have the option to switch between other action heros. To infinity and beyond!!!


Price £79.99 plus free delivery

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