Hi-Call Bluetooth Gloves

Long gone are the Christmas festivities n so are the New Year’s resolutions… And wait for it, it’s still only the beginning of January.

Ok, so it’s that’s time of the year when we’re all feeling slightly deflated. Back to work, early morning starts and we seem to miss any form of daylight when we leave for work and finish in the evening. Most of us are feeling the pinch in our wallets and on our waist lines! and just to finish us all off, we’re freezing our cockles off.

Well fear not, here at The Brand Detective HQ, we’re willing to spread some New Year cheer and share with you some right treats that will guarantee to brighten up anyone’s day. Now being the thoughtful kind of person that I am, I have decided to share with you a very snazzy, if not a little crazy Christmas gift delivered to me from the big fella with the white furry beard… Get your sticky mitts on these!

Hi-Call bluetooth talking gloves. You never have to make a call and get your hands cold again. There is basically all the components of a bluetooth ear piece in one glove… Can’t really call them hands free, as you are using your hand to mimic a telephone and holding it to your head. But the Hi-Call gloves come with a speaker in the thumb and mic in the little finger of the left glove and basic settings at the base that are extremely simple to use.

Now if you’re up for a bit of fun, have a spare few quid hanging about and hate holding your phone or wearing a bluetooth headset, oh and don’t mind people questioning if you’re a little crazy, then these gloves may just be for you.

I do have to admit that I’ve become quite attached to my Hi-Call Gloves, they’re right up my street and a great ‘talking point’ with friends…and strangers. I mean what’s not to like about them?

They’re even capacitive, so can use touchscreen whilst keeping your hands toasty n warm. These work with all smartphones via Bluetooth. Would highly advise against building any snowmen or throwing any snowballs wearing these bad boys.

Battery lasts standby 10 days or talk time 20hrs. Gloves charge with a mini USB RRP £49.99

Go on, go treat yourselves.


Kel Allen – Brand Detective

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