Introducing Tinker the Robot

Robotics integrates all aspects of technology and is one of the most engaging ways to inspire kids at a young age.  But robot kits are either too complicated, overly simplistic and always too expensive.  So we’re excited about Tinker the Robot here at The Brand Detective.

Tinker the Robot is an affordable, interactive robot that combines FUN and friendly Arduino based hardware with fully open source software.  Tinker the Robot’s ultra flexible design makes robotics accessible to students and educators, yet it provides plenty of power for even the most competent Maker.  Direct simple functions with plug and play Tinker cards, or connect Tinker the Robot to a computer and turn him into a full-on development tool.  
Now students can build robots and learn code from the ground-up.  Best of all, Tinker the Robot’s modular design snaps together easily and can expand with added accessories, LED lights, sensors and more! 

Learn more and contribute to the campaign here

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