iphone 5 release date and other rumours….

Rumours surrounding the iPhone 5 have been going bonkers for a good while now and it seems at last that a release date of autumn, or more specifically, mid September is likely according to several sources ( apparently it was announced internally at AT& T - US leader in telecomunications and mobile phones)

The rumour mill went into overdrive with speculation, ‘rumours’ and gossip when Apple didn’t launch the new phone at their Worldwide Developer’s Conference  (WWDC 2011) back in June and it’s not stopped since.

A recent survey by Pricegrabber in the US concluded that 35% of Americans surveyed wanted to buy the new handset on it’s release – despite little about it’s cost or specifications being confirmed

So, here are just some of the rumours doing the rounds…

  • It’s expected to be thinner and lighter
  • It will introduce a curved glass design
  • That it will pack an even snazzier camera than the iphone 4 (8- megapixel) and have the ability to record video in 1080p (digitimes)
  • That it will incorporate a NFC (Near-Field Communication) chip that will let you use them to make purchases
  • That there may not even be an iphone5 but rather an iphone 4S
  • OR there will be TWO new models: a mid-market priced cheaper phone (iphone4S) which would help to dramatically increase Apple’s market share, and then the more lucratively priced iPhone 5

Regardless of the iphone’s latest incarnation, one things for sure – we’re all rather excited!


Interestingly, Pricegrabber’s survey revealed the  features that consumers would MOST like to see on the iPhone 5 are a longer battery life (here here brother, we’ll second that)  (59 percent) and a lower price (Don’t hold your breath on that one!)

there’s one thing for sure – it’ll set all our tongues wagging

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