Notegraphy – for iOS and Andriod

Text-heavy social networks have been focusing on making their platforms more visually friendly, likely taking cues from the intense success of Instagram. Still, words persist, but what if we could somehow combine our desire to express ourselves in copy, but make it look … you know, beautiful? Enter Notegraphy, a new typography app that hopes to creatively enhance your written communications.

How Notegraphy works is simple: It allows users to type as much text as they want and then apply a style template to it. It’s supposed to format any type of text; be it a tweet, a lengthy status update, an inspirational quote, a short story, an essay, a novel – as long as you can type it into the app, it works. Then Notegraphy styles it using the many available templates, and you can share it to your choice of social network.

Check out a few of ours here:






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