Rim launches BlackBerry ‘social’ music service

Research in Motion (Rim), the company behind BlackBerry is launching BBM Music

BBM Music is a cloud-based, music-sharing service which will be available to all later this year for a monthly subscription via an app – thought to be around £3 a month. For now the service is available to a select number of people in the UK, US and Canada in beta format.

They’ve has secured deals with four major record labels – Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and EMI – offering users access to a catalogue of millions of full tracks.

But how will it work?

A BBM Music user can build a profile of up to 50 tracks from the catalogue – might not sound like much but this is where the ‘social’ bit kicks in – by hooking up with BBM music friends you can also access their catalogue and ‘share’ music, so the more ‘contact’ you have the more music you can access. There’ll also be a visual timeline so users can see who’s uploaded what and when, and what’s currently being listened to.

RIM  will no doubt be hoping the service will help boost its revenues and help offset the decline in market share of its BlackBerry phones since the arrival of Apple‘s iPhones, and those using Google Android’s system.

Watch this Space to find out whether BBM Music  will be a ‘hit’ or fail to make the charts! :)

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