Tactus Magnatuff Ipad Protector

Treat your ipad like a baby? We do! So much so if we could, we’d wrap it in a blanket and hold it close to our hearts all day long. Well move over and let the Tactus MagnaTuff protect and look after your most prized possession. No need to babysit with this tough as old boots ipad case. We were expecting it to be made of steal as it’s so robust and we were surprised at how extremely light it is!


It wraps around the device front and back in a hard shell material protecting from sctratches, wear and tear and breakages. Why don’t you drop it and see? No really don’t – just take our word for it! The MagnaTuff is compatible with 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation ipad and the clever peeps at Tactus have even designed a protector for the ipad Mini. You can use in portrait or landscape mode, and can even on an angle to type or video. What more could we ask for from a bad boy protector?

www.tactus.com price: £39.99

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