The Brand Detective’s BBQ & al fresco fun themed retail and gizmo review on BBC 2′s Something for the Weekend

Here are the BBQ products, Gadgets and gizmos the Brand Detective reviewed on  Something for the weekend – July 31st 2011


With all our fingers, toes and eyes crossed that this summer will be a scorcher here are the Brand Detective’s pick of quirky gizmos and products to help us all enjoy al fresco fun in the sun!

Hot Pot BBQ – £99

The Black and Blum BBQ masks itself as a flowerpot, keeping your garden looking tidy, while underneath the top layer you’ll find a coal barbecue. From Black and Blum, the company who specialize in efficient homeware, you can use the herbs in the lid for your burgers and salads and the pot looks great on terraces or balconies. The BBQ features a ceramic heat insulated coating and stainless steel grill tray and the tray handle also doubles up as a pair of tongs to turn over your burgers and sausages.

Dimensions 37cm x 27cm x 37xm

Available at various outlets online, Firebox, Glow, Menkind, Find Me A Gift

BBQ Branding Iron – £15.99

The BBQ branding Iron from Firebox has 52 letters and 8 blank spaces so you can customize your food with whatever message you fancy. With names, insults or whatever takes your fancy, you can brand anything onto your steaks and burgers. You simply arrange the letters, lock them in place and heat the iron up on the grill or barbecue. When it’s nice and hot you are good to brand.

Available from

BBQ Sword with Zorro Mask – £15.99

The Brand Detective on SFTW reviewing BBQ Products

The BBQ sword with Zorro mask is available from Firebox, and does exactly what it says. Instead of using tongs, you can use your handy sword to stab and claim your meat from the BBQ. It comes with a cut out mask on the back so you can really play out your adventure as Zorro. (see the super cool Natalie Casey above – top girl!!)

Available from

Water Rocker – £79.99

The Brand Detective reviews ION Water Rocker on SFTW

Due for a September release, the water rocker means you can listen to your music in the pool, beach or even bath without worrying about your iPod drowning. The wireless speaker on the left transmits with a 150-foot range and the ball is fully waterproof and submersible. The water rocker also comes with a built in FM radio and a 1/8inch jack for connecting any mp3 ort audio device, a USB port and a port for an SD card making it compatible with everything.

The iPod stays safe on dry land in its case (left), but you can also plug in your television to the water rocker and listen to sport or news as you relax in the pool. The water rock won’t be released however until September this year.

Pro – Swing Ball – £39.99

For the last 30 years, Swingball has always been a favourite in families’ gardens and is officially one of the top ten best selling toys of the last 10 years. But now it’s been updated. With a larger base for stability, a bigger coil and thicker tubing the all-new Pro Swingball is 1.75m high, meaning players must hit higher and for longer to win their game.

Available at, Argos, Costco, The Entertainer, Tesco, Amazon, Toys R Us,

     Retro Slushie Maker – £49.95

The Brand Detective reviews Retro Slushie maker on sftw

The retro slushie machine means you can make any flavour slushie drink in the comfort of your own home.  It’s perfect for indoor or outdoor entertaining and can be used to make alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.  Using crushed ice or small ice cubes, you add a small amount of water, salt and your favourite fruit juice, soda or syrup and the machine blends and serves it up via the easy to use dispenser in the front.

Available from

Fat Boy Beer Keg – £17.99

The Fat Boy keg is a basically a big travel flask ideal for roving beer drinkers as it keeps drinks cold for up to 12 hours. It can also keep them hot for 3 hours on a winter’s day, holding an impressive 4 pints of liquid. Completely transportable, it features dual-wall insulation for coldness, an easy grip carry handle and a pourer on top.

Available from


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