It was after a trip to Leisuire Industry week – (where I usually stock up on a new fitness gadget or two) that I spied the Unikurve after a demo by it’s two ex Gladiator ambassadors Wayne Gordon (Doom) & Jenny Pacey (Enigma).
My friend and I were feeling fighting fit and decide to take them on (never a good idea with a Gladiator :)) and although we got walloped we were impresed with the versatility of the product and bought two on the spot.

It comes with a DVD, hosted by our two new Gladiator friends, and is easily portable and simple to use allowing you to get a good full body workout on the move – perfect for popping in the car boot – if like me you work away and stay in hotels a lot. (you may get a few funny looks walking through the hotel reception mind!:)



Here’s the official bumpf below:

Used for cardiovascular fitness, strength and core training, UniKurve conditions the whole body and will revolutionise the way people exercise. A unique framework that comes in 3 weights, either light (tubular approx. 4kg) a heavy (solid bar approx. 8kg) and Extra Heavy (XTRHV solid bar approx. 18.5kg). UniKurve is used for training the whole body, it grows with the user so the better the user gets at using it the harder it gets to use. This is accomplished by different hold positions to increase instability and leverage, which in turn increase virtual weight and difficulty.

UniKurve was designed by a British infantry soldier, who, whilst serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, often found gym time restricted. When able to use the gym he found it was often very busy and quite a bit of the equipment was out of order from over use, general damage and the killer…Dust!

Working with a kettle bell, medicine ball and a dumbbell or improvising with jerry can’s, a rifle and a helmet with water bottles in it the UniKurve concept was born.

Nothing was done about the concept until, whilst on a promotion course back in the UK, the inventor broke his leg. With time on his hands UniKurve went forward. A design brief was set.

Dust/Wind/Rain/Drop Proof
Man Portable
No Moving Parts
No Power Or Batteries Required
Easy To Use
Varied Resistance So It Grows With The User
Ideal For Use In A FOB (Forward Operating Base)

From Drawing the design on a scrap of paper to getting the prototype made modified and put out to trial by MMA (mixed martial arts) fighters, soldiers and rugby players UniKurve launched in London 2012 at the B-Fit Expo and received 100% positive feedback from the thousands that tried it. Many Personal Trainers are now using UniKurve with their clients or in group exercise classes as it is so functional and versatile.

UniKurve has patent pending and a registered design submitted to the IPO. UniKurve has also passed the British and European standard for static exercise equipment with flying colours. In fact the testers couldn’t even scratch UniKurve as it successfully completed 12,000 cycles of loading for 1.5 seconds on and 1 second off with 240kg and a 5 minute loading of 500kg, plus various other safety tests.

UniKurve lets the user train the whole body, it is unique, unisex, universal and you only need one. It is curved, but with over 1000 different exercises able to be performed using the UniKurve the ‘K’ was an obvious addition to the name.

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