‘App’y Monday – Vine for Twitter – The app everyone’s raving about

Vine is Twitter’s standalone video app. It allows you to record video that is shown inline with your tweets. And in true Twitter fashion, the video can only be up to six seconds long. The app’s interface is similar to Instagram and is just as easy to use.

Once you hit the camera icon, you touch and hold the screen to record your video and release your finger to stop recording. You can do this as many times as you want in six seconds to create your super-short-form masterpiece. During viewing, the video will run on a continuous loop. Add a caption, tag the video and then share directly to Twitter and/or Facebook. The video stays on the Vine app as well, where others can like or comment. And of course, you can do the whole “follow” thing, too.

Check out our little (amatuer) Video here http://t.co/D5qB7jz8

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